Announcing America's Tire Solution - Distributor of LiquiTube®

by Ron Davis

Announcing America's Tire Solution - Distributor of LiquiTube®

Established in 1990, Best Designs has represented the highest quality tire sealants manufactured in the United States. Best Designs represents the house brand of LiquiTube™ along with over 20 private brand labels. LiquiTube™ is the top selling premium tire sealant in the United States and is also a major export product sold in over 118 countries. Best Designs works with companies and individuals involved in heavy duty, commercial, transportation, and agricultural industries. LiquiTube™ coats the inside of tires and wheels to keep air filled tires properly inflated for the life of the tire which increases profits by:

  • Extending Tire Life
  • Increasing Fuel Economy of Vehicles
  • Reducing Equipment Downtime From Flat Tires
  • Eliminating Tire Repair Costs
  • Reducing Lost Man Hours From Flat Tires
  • Reducing Tire Casing Damage from Blow-Outs
  • Extending the Retreadability of Tire Casings


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